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Rankin Lake Baptist Church



Rev. Jim Loftis


June 2020

From the Pastor

What are you doing with your time while you are quarantined?  I realize for some, very little has changed.  If you are    working in an “essential” business, you probably still have a stable job and a relatively consistent schedule.  So, little has changed for you.  But for a lot of people, many disruptions have occurred.  If nothing else, your doctors have strongly    suggested you stay in, with little or no contact with people other than your family.  By itself, that is hard for us to deal with, especially if we are accustomed to being on the go and seeing/meeting people.
So, what are you doing with your time?  A person can only “binge watch” so many TV shows over the course of these weeks we have been reduced to staying at home more than normal.  Maybe more cooking?  Maybe a little more reading?  Maybe more naps? A person can clean house only so much.  How ‘bout changing your house around?  Maybe moving furniture (if you have some help), or painting a room, or making changes to the décor in your house, or maybe even starting a list of all the things you would like to fix/change in your house when everything else calms down? Whew, I get tired thinking about all the possibilities of work that needs to be done!
How about this thought?  Why don’t we take some time to reflect upon ALL the ways God has been at work in our life?  That will take a while.  You probably will not be able to do that in one sitting.  Because I am not talking about the casual things we normally list that may be easy. 
Allow me to illustrate.  Just this morning, DeLaine was looking in the local paper and saw a name in the obituaries that struck her memory.  With a little checking, she discovered one of her bosses she worked for while I was in seminary, had died.  The odd thing?  He lived in Cherryville.  Basically, when we moved from Louisburg to Washington, she lost touch with him. 
After she showed me his picture, we talked for a few minutes.  She reminded me some things I had forgotten.  You see, when I was in seminary, and even after being called to serve at Flat Rock Baptist Church as an Associate Pastor, money was exceptionally tight for us.  This was in the early to mid ‘80s.  DeLaine helped our budgeting by being very frugal and “stretching” the dollars we earned as far as possible.  We were excited when we found out she was expecting our first child, but a little apprehensive because we knew money would be even more tight.  Her boss, Jay, went to the leadership above him on DeLaine’s (our) behalf after delivering Jason so that she could work from home and still earn her salary.  He didn’t have to do that, and where she worked they didn’t know about paid sick-leave.  We were able to make it financially due in part to Jay “going to bat” for her. 
You see, I don’t think of that as a coincidence.  I see that as the hand of God at work in ways only He could do.  DeLaine did not ask for that, but God knew what we needed, and He provided through a man (Jay) and a workplace opportunity (her job) to meet and provide for our needs. 
That’s the kind of things I want to challenge you to reflect upon.  In other words, try to remember ways God has worked in you and your family’s lives to meet needs you have.  Some of those may be financial needs.  Some are words of encouragement where someone called/emailed/texted/mailed something at “just the right time,” providing you with an uplifting note of encouragement.  Might be a friend or maybe even a total stranger that did it.  Regardless, take a little time to reflect upon the many ways God has been at work in your life.  That will be time well spent!
Can’t wait to see you,

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